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e-Learning course converted from PowerPoint: Creation in Practice for Shipley Associates

For many courses, the content is available in PowerPoint format. So it makes sense to use this material for the creation of an e-Learning course. This is the approach Shipley Associates has taken in creating an e-Learning concept on capture management:

“Capture Management is the process of identifying the right business opportunity and preparing a strategy to win the new business before the tender arrives. The goal is to move from the “Unknown Position” to the “Preferred Position” in the eyes of the customer by establishing the right actions.”

After a didactic adaptation of the group exercises to an individual e-Learning, ai-torials took over the creation of the language files and integrated them with the presentation. A voice with a British accent was chosen for the dubbing in English. The texts were synchronised with the animations to better guide the participants through the content. The entire eLearning course from PowerPoint was created in SCORM format for integration into a Learning Management System (LMS) and supplemented with interactive quizzes.

A brief insight into the training:


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About Shipley Associates

Shipley Associates has been active in the German market for proposal consulting and training since 2007. Due to excellent client relationships, the business has developed well. We have successfully supported leading international companies, such as groups from the defence, telecommunications and IT, logistics and tourism sectors. In 2014, Shipley GmbH was established, highlighting the growing importance of this market for Shipley Associates. Now, clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland and other countries in Eastern Europe are supported by a local team, and services are also available in German.

About ai-torials

ai-torials: The easy way to create multilingual instructional videos. ai-torials simplifies the creation of tutorials and instructional videos and creates multilingual e-learning content based on existing PowerPoint presentations, with natural sounding voices. To do this, ai-torials combines cloud-based artificial intelligence for the translation and generation of speech, naturally in accordance with European data protection standards.