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Developing employee competence – in their local language

ai-torials was born out of practical experience. During his work as an international business development manager in the technology industry, Oliver Perillieux, the founder of ai-torials, noticed that many training contents did not reach the target group. Face-to-face training took place too infrequently, the amount of travel required to attend was too great, especially for employees from distant branches, or, quite simply, the language barriers were too high for the target group, even though English was supposed to be the company language.

As a result, the content often had to be translated locally and the participants had to be trained in small groups at great expense. Other companies were also experiencing the same problems.

With this in mind, the idea for ai-torials was born: translating and dubbing existing training content to create high-quality e-learning content using cloud-based Artificial Intelligence.

ai-torials leverages your existing course content and enables the straightforward creation of e-learning courses in your employees' local languages.

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